South Grafton Women’s Bowling Club


Tuesday 8th August. In windy but clear conditions, South Grafton played host to Singles Club champions from the various clubs throughout the Clarence River District; in the inaugural CRDWBA Champion of Champions event. After morning tea President Janet handed the club over to CRDWBA President Alma Bowling who soon had the contestants out on the Green. Though it was extremely hard to concentrate on their own play and watch the Champion of champions rinks as well; two shortened social games were played alongside.The results of which were as follows:
Rink (6). B Essex & L Betts  d  M Daley & M Mulligan 16-12
Rink (7). M Moran & D McLachlan  d  M Ford & J Kowal  9-8
Winning Rink (6). B Essex. L Betts.
Play recommenced after lunch for the Champion of Champion events and spectators enjoyed some amazing bowling.
Thursday 10th August Once again our club was handed over to CRDWBA President Alma Bowling as the  Champion of Champions event culminated in the final. Three rinks of social bowls played alongside, once again hard put to focus on their own play while such an interesting game was going on beside them.The results of the social games were;
Rink (2). B Ford & C Kane  d  B Essex & D McLachlan 22-12
Rink (3). E Casson & J Axon  d  M Gallagher & J Kowal 22-6
Rink (4). H Nickless & A Bunn  d  C Smidt & G Cupples  21-15
Winning Rink (3). E Casson. J Axon
The resting toucher went to Janet Kowal and both competition prizes to Betty Essex
Once again we were treated to some wonderful bowling. Congratulations from South Grafton WBC to all Club champions who competed in this wonderful new event the CRDWBA have initiated.


Tuesday 1st August, Social Bowls, Five rinks of social bowlers today, three of Triples and two of Pairs.Quite a cold start to the morning but a big improvement as the day wore on. This Tuesday saw the return of Anna Bunn’s Trading table. Gee she does a great job. The women had a lovely time fossicking among the goodies until it was time to go out onto the Green and thanks in the main to Anna the Club raised over $300.00 for the Westpac Helicopter Appeal.  Then before play commenced it was President Janet’s turn to take the floor where she presented newly elected Selector Chairperson Gail Cupples and Vice President Joan Gebetsberger with their badges of office. Congratulations ladies. With several of our women competing in the Regional playoffs at Woolgoolga on Wednesday,Thursday or Friday of this week, championship rounds were placed on the backburner for the time being. The results then from the morning’s social games were as follows:
Rink (1). A Milligan, M Mulligan & M Andrew  d  D Rankin, P Harvey & E McKew  25-7
Rink (2). B Ford & G Ryan  d  M Sales & H Nichols  17-14
Rink (3). S Robinson (Bobby), R Pendergast & G Cupples  d  M Ford, M Williams & N Graham  18-15
Rink (4). S Austen & J Kowal  d  P Knox & D McLachlan  20-15
Rink (5). B Essex, P Lollback & A Bunn  d  J Pholi, D Rankin & C Kane 31-9
Winning Rink (2). Betty Ford. Gwen Ryan.
Lucky team: Dot Rankin. Pam Harvey. Enid McKew.
Competition winners: Pam Harvey. Phyll Knox.
Thursday 3rd August Social bowls: Quiet old day today with so many away watching the Regional matches. Just two rinks, both of these Triples matches. C’O Gail Cupples read the cards and the ladies headed off for another cold start and with the wind picking up later on it never really warmed up that much. However any time we’re bowling is a great day, right ladies ? and the results of the two games were:
Rink (3). S (Bobby)Robinson, I Heppell & C Kane  d  D Rankin, B Ford & G Cupples  16-15
Rink (4). A Milligan, R Hodge & D McLachlan  d  B Essex, C Smidt & A Bunn  17-15
Winning Rink (3). Bobby Robinson. Iris Heppell. Colleen Kane.
The resting toucher went to Rob Hodge and the competition prize to Ailsa Milligan
Next week sees several teams heading to Yamba to compete in the annual Blue Pacific Fours,then South Grafton Women’s Club will host the Champion of Champions Singles event Tuesday 8th and Thursday 9th. Good luck to all competitors.



Tuesday 25th July, social bowls: A beautiful morning preceded by a chilly start. Not a breath of wind at the beginning of play but a steady breeze as the morning wore on.With the Green running well, three teams headed out to begin the first rounds of the Club Fours championships and as 24 players were involved in these; there was just one rink of social bowls undertaken.The results of all games were as follows.
Social :
Rink (1). A Milligan (Swinging lead), S Mandelc & A Bunn  d  A Milligan (SL), M Williams & G Ryan  17-13
2017 Championship fours rounds:
Rink (3).D Rankin, D Allison (sub N Graham ), S Austen & J Axon  d  H Nickless, B Ford, H Nichols & M Andrew  17-15
Rink (4). S Robinson, R Hodge, P Lollback & C Kane  d  B Essex, J Kowal, L Perrett & D McLachlan  28-12
Rink (5). M Moran, P Knox, M Sales & G Cupples  d  I Gough, M King, I Heppell & E McKew  21-18
Winning Rink (3). D Rankin. N Graham. S Austen. J Axon.
Lucky team: I Gough. M King. I Heppell. E McKew.
Competition winners: C Kane. M Sales.
Thursday 27th July Social bowls: With many of our members away attending the CRDWBA’s Veterans day at Maclean; just two rinks of social bowls, namely two Pairs games, were played out on the home Green. The results of these two matches were as follows:
Rink (1). B Essex & D Allison  d  E Casson & A Bunn  20-14
Rink (2). I Gough & M Sales  d  S Robinson & M Mulligan 22-18
The winning rink was Rink (2), Irene Gough and Margy Sales while the competition prize went to Elwyn Casson.
Good luck to our ladies who are competing at Regional level in Woolgoolga this coming week after winning their District events.No doubt several of us will be there to cheer you on.



Tuesday 18th July, Women’s Social bowls morning:  Tuesday morning began rather cool, but in no time developed into a perfect bowling day. Three rinks of social bowls, all Triples matches were enjoyed alongside two championship games; these being the semi finals of the 2017 SGWBC Triples. the results from the five rinks were as follows:
2017 SGWBC semi finals:
Rink (2). M Sales (sub), P Lollback & M Andrew  d  D Allison, J Axon & H Nichols  18-15
Rink (3). S Mandelc, S Austen & C Kane  d  D Rankin, A Milligan & I Heppell  25-6
Congratulations to Marg Sales, Pam Lollback & Margy Andrew who go on to meet Sue Mandelc, Shirl Austen & Colleen Kane in the final this coming Thursday.
Social Bowls:
Rink (1). N Graham, B Ford & G Cupples  d  H Nickless, M Williams & R Hodge  18-14
Rink (4). S Robinson, M Mulligan & J Kowal  d  B Essex, P Knox & G Ryan  23-16
Rink (5). M Ford, M Daley & A Bunn  d  J Pholi, P Harvey & E McKew  23-13
Winning Rink (5). May Ford. Marg Daley. Anna Bunn.
Lucky team: (1) Helen Nickless. Marje Williams. Robin Hodge.
The Resting toucher went to May Ford and the competition prizes to Betty Essex & Ella Whitford.
After lunch it was President Janet’s pleasure on behalf of all members; to present retiring SGWBC Secretary Ella Whitford with a gift; in appreciation of the many years she served the Club in that position. Ella was a great Secretary. The ladies could always depend on her to remember teams from year to year ( little blue book haha ), to make sure nominations, registrations etc were always sent off in plenty of time and for the many other things she did that were over and above the duties of the office..
. She was always available for information and advice, whether at home or at the Club and I for one thank her for the times she helped me out and the pleasure I gained from the many games we played together. Thanks heaps Ella, we’re all looking forward to your return to the Green.
The AGM took place immediately after and Janet Kowal was elected unopposed for a further term as SGWBC President. Congratulations Jan. A General meeting followed on completion of the AGM.
We were saddened to hear of the loss of Dennis Newton, husband of member Noni Newton. You’re in our thoughts Noni. Also all best wishes to Candy Nixon’s husband Les and Janet Kowal’s husband Bernie, both of whom are to undergo surgery shortly.
Thursday 20th July Social Bowls morning:  Today saw the final of the 2017 SGWBC Triples championships and what a top game it was too. Played alongside the Final were three social games comprised of two Triples matches and one of Pairs. A super day for a final with the Green running like magic ( thanks Warren ) and the weather perfect, not too warm but little wind to make it too cold. Combined social and championship results were as follows:
2017 SGWBC Championship Triples:
Rink (3) M Sales, P Lollback & M Andrew  d  S Mandelc, S Austen & C Kane  16-15  
       and in this case the score was indicative of the game. The win could easily have gone either way with the two leads battling for supremacy, the seconds equally good and the Skips right on their games. The last end saw Marg Andrew needing one to draw, two to win and though Colleen’s team were sitting on the shot; Margy came through with a brilliant bowl that literally took our breath away giving her two shots to take the match and the 2017 title. Great game ladies, congratulations to all on some top bowling.
Social bowls:
Rink (2). B Essex, B Ford & J Kowal  d  A Milligan, N Graham & E McKew  22-20
Rink (4) D Rankin, I Gough & G Ryan  d  E Casson, M Muliigan & A Bunn  23-11
Rink (5). M King & G Cupples  d  P Knox & H Nichols  22-10
Winning Rink (5). Merle King. Gail Cupples
The Resting toucher went to Gwen Ryan and the competition prize to Heather Nichols.


Tuesday 4th July, social bowls: A crisp, cool start to the morning but a beautiful day eventually.  All our ladies at home so we had a pretty full complement with six rinks in use. Three rounds of Championship Triples were undertaken alongside three of social games. Lovely to see the green so full and so many of our women members competing in this 2017 season. President Janet in her position as umpire sent the championship contestants off to begin their matches then handed over her normal duties to acting C/O Vice President Noelle Graham for the day.  The Championship players were soon joined on the Green by the social bowlers; fielding two games of Triples and one of Pairs and the results of all six matches were as follows:
Club Championship Triples rounds.:
Rink (2). P Lollback, M Andrew & C Nixon  d  I Gough, M Mulligan & E McKew  31-13
Rink (3). J Bultitude, A Milligan & I Heppell  d  M King, G Ryan & A Bunn  32-6
Rink (4). D Allison, J Axon & H Nichols  d  B Essex, L Perrett & D McLachlan  23-8
Social bowls:
Rink (1). P Harvey & C Kane  d  M Sales & S Austen  19-15
Rink (5) L Graham, M Daley & N Graham  d  V Holroyd, S Robinson & D Fitzsimmons  20-17
Rink (6). J Pholi, M Williams & B Ford  d  M Moran, S Mandelc & G Cupples  17-13
Winning rink (4). D Allison. J Axon. H Nichols.
Lucky team:  V Holroyd. S Robinson. D Fitzsimmons.
The resting toucher went to J Axon and the competition prizes to D Rankin & S Mandelc
Thursday 6th July Social bowls: Another full day with four rinks of social bowlers, the games consisting of three games of Triples and one of Fours, the last utilising a swinging lead.The results of the four matches as follows:
Rink (20. B Robinson, B Ford & M Andrew  d  D Allison, M King & C Kane  20-12
Rink (3). I Gough, M Sales & H Nichols  d  J Pholi, P Harvey & I Heppell  20-11
Rink (4). V Holroyd (Swinging Lead ), B Essex, J Kowal & G Ryan  d  V Holroyd (SL), A Milligan, J Axon & G Cupples  27-15
Rink (5). V Fletcher, N Graham & D NcLachlan drew 20 all with D Rankin, P Lollback & A Bunn.
Winning Rink (5). V Fletcher. N Graham. D McLachlan ( on a coin toss )
Lucky team: I Gough. M Sales. H Nichols.
There were no resting touchers and the competition winners were A Milligan & J Pholi.
Don’t forget ladies the AGM is due Tuesday 18th July. It will be held after morning play and lunch, though should the weather rule out bowling, the meeting will go ahead at the earlier time of Best wishes to May Ford who has had a bit of a setback in her convalescence and our thoughts and positive vibes go out to our Candy Nixon. Hang in
there Skip.



Tuesday 27th June Social bowls:    It was lovely to see many of our ladies at home after so many away games this past month or so. With five rinks in use, two pairs matches and three games of Triples; the women enjoyed a relaxed morning of social bowling in cool but pleasant temperatures. What a pleasure it was to see May Ford back on the Green. Her arm still hooked up in a harness to protect her shoulder, still she completed the whole game earning herself a resting toucher into the bargain no less. What a great lady. With May Ford and Betty Essex on the Green we younger ones ( haha ) really have to look to our laurels.Several South Grafton WBC teams competed at the Blue Pacific Pairs
Monday 26th and while it was a really enjoyable day amidst good company;
just one of our Pairs teams were placed. Congratulations to Bobby
Robinson & Gwen Ryan. Good stuff girls. On a less happy note, Grafton District Services President Dawn Lawson called in to inform us that their Open Triples event would not be held Monday3rd July after all due to insufficient numbers. Such a shame. Make a note in your diaries ladies and be sure to make their upcoming Jacaranda tournament a really good one.
 Results of our own home matches were as follows:
Rink (1). A Milligan, M King & H Nichols  d  J Pholi, P Knox & E McKew  25-15
Rink (2). M Ford, M Williams & B Ford  d  L Graham, M Daley & J Kowal  20-6
Rink (3). B Essex, P Lollback & I Heppell  d  S (Bobby) Robinson, D Fitzsimmons & N Graham  26-9
Rink (4). M Sales & A Bunn  d  M Mulligan & M Andrew  30-7
Rink (5). H Nickless & D McLachlan  d  P Harvey & G Cupples  21-8
Winning Rink (5). H Nickless. D McLachlan.
Lucky team : M Ford. M Williams. B Ford.
Competition winners: A Milligan. P Harvey.
Thursday 29th June, social bowls: And once again one of our teams along with several of our women to support them were competing away from home. Back at South we still fielded three rinks, consisting of two Triples matches and one of Pairs.The results from the three games were as follows:
Rink (2). B Essex, M Mulligan & A Bunn   d  E McKew, S Robinson & G Cupples  18-17
Rink (3). I Gough & M Andrew  d  J Pholi & H Nichols  21-13
Rink (4). E Casson, I Heppell & C Kane drew with D Rankin, B Ford & G Ryan 17 all.
Winning Rink (2). Betty Essex. Mavis Mulligan. Anna Bunn.
The Resting toucher went to Jean Pholi and the Competition winner was Heather Nichols.


Tuesday 13th June, SGWBC Versatility Fives Tournament. What a surprise to get a call at 7.15am from Greenkeeper Warren stating he and Wayne agreed both Greens, ours and South Ex Services were up for the event. I doubt even one of us imagined Monday evening that there was any chance at all of play following the previous week’s rainfall and we were all pretty resigned to a day of Hoi and other inside delights.
     Things were pretty hectic for a while with some unfortunate teams still blocked off due to flood water; but on the whole most were able to make it and with no small amount of juggling from our clever Match chairperson, Pam Harvey, the teams were sorted. During the reading of the draw the women were highly amused to see President Pat Donaldson of Red Rock WBC step up to receive hers dressed in Life vest, snorkel and flippers. It was a lovely way to get started and President Janet soon had the chuckling ladies out on the Green for a Happy Snap then straight into the morning rounds. Teams included players from Red Rock Corindi, Maclean, Grafton District Services and of course South Grafton WBC’s . Never mind Yamba, Iluka & Wooli, next time the weather hopefully will be kinder.
  After a delicious lunch break, catered by Phyll Knox and her top social committee, it was back out for the afternoon’s rounds . Though both morning and afternoon saw quite heavy showers  the women took it all in good part. It was nice though to end the day back in the Clubhouse with a drink in hand, be it hot or cold.
Competition prizes were drawn and then the Tournament winners were announced. Our sponsors couldn’t be with us in person but we are very grateful for their continuing support. Without their generous help there wouldn’t be these larger events held. So thanks from all to Bendigo Community Bank, Holiday Coast Meats and TLE Electricals. Thanks also to Umpires Bernie  and Col, and to South Ex Services for the loan of their Green one more time. Much appreciated.
2017 Versatility Winning team.: South Grafton. Bobby Robinson. Noelle Graham. Shirley Austen Anna Bunn & Heather Nichols.
2nd Placing: Composite team :Sue Mandelc. Diane Fitzsimmons. Evelyn Triffitt. Meryl Buckley & Jen Axon
Third place. South Grafton. Ailsa Milligan. Jeanette Bultitude. Leanne Perrett. Gwen Ryan & Iris Heppell.
 Anytime we get together with our sister clubs it’s always a jolly good excuse to catch up on the goss’ with friends we haven’t seen for a while and all agreed rain or no rain it was well worth the effort.
Thursday 15th June. No results forwarded.
Good luck to all competing in the CRDWBA championship open & senior fours at Iluka Tuesday 20th June.



Tuesday 6th June : With Club Championship games well under way now, today saw the final of the 2017 Pairs played alongside four rinks of social games. In fine if somewhat windy conditions, on a fast Green the final was an entertaining match to watch. The lead see sawed between the two teams at the start of the game until Anna & Candy fell into the rhythm that eventually gained them the title quite convincingly.The results of all matches social and championship were as follows:
2017 SGWBC Club Championship Pairs : 
Rink (3). A Bunn & C Nixon  d  P Knox & S Austen  21-9 Congratulations to all four girls. Well done.
Social bowls: 
Rink (2). D Allison, B Ford & G Cupples  d  V Holroyd, M Williams & G Cupples  14-13
Rink (4). D Rankin, H Nickless & C Kane  d  J Pholi, P Harvey & M Andrew  17-7
Rink (5). B Essex, M Sales & H Nichols  d  M King, N Graham & D McLachlan  20-9
Rink (6). M Moran (Swinging lead), D Fitzsimmons & P Lollback  d  M Moran (SL), M Mulligan & G Ryan  29-10
Winning rink (4). Dot Rankin. Helen Nickless. Colleen Kane.
Lucky team: Betty Essex. Margaret Sales. Heather Nichols.
The resting toucher went to Marg Sales and the competition prizes to Diane Fitzsimmons & Shirley Austen.
Thursday 8th June: With the pairs championship done & dusted it was onto the Championship Triples with two rounds played today together with three rinks of social games. Lovely weather for the Triples rounds, the Green running fast with very much a wide and narrow side. The results of all matches were:
2017 Club Championship Triples Rounds:
Rink (3). B Essex, L Perrett & D McLachlan  d  N Graham, B Ford & J Kowal  17-15
Rink (4). S Mandelc, S Austen & C Kane  d  P Harvey, P Knox & G Cupples  23-15
Social bowls:
Rink (2). I Gough, A Milligan & A Bunn  d  E Casson, M Sales & G Ryan  24-18
Rink (5). D Fitzsimmons & C Nixon  d  D Allison & H Nichols  21-12
Rink (6). H Nickless, P Lollback & E McKew  d  D Rankin, I Heppell & M Andrew  23-14
Winning Rink (3). Betty Essex. Leanne Perrett. Denise McLachlan
Lucky team (10), Dot Rankin. Iris Heppell. Margaret Andrew.
There were no resting touchers and the competition prizes went to Elwyn Casson & Margy Sales.
This coming week sees our annual Versatility Fives tournament played Tuesday 13th , so no social bowls that day ladies. Looking forward to once again welcoming women bowlers from all over the district. Good luck to all teams competing and thanks to our sponsors, Holiday Coast Meats and TLE. Very much appreciated.




Tuesday 30th May Women’s social bowls:
 Just three rinks of bowlers today, all Pairs games. A very busy time on the bowling calendar, the much reduced number of players was due to several of our members being away competing in the CRDWBA Triples at Maclean .
 C/O Gail Cupples soon directed the women out onto the Green where they enjoyed a relaxed morning’s bowling. Our Green ,thanks to Green keeper Warren is running like a dream at the moment and the results of the three matches were as follows:
Rink (2).  L Graham & I Heppell  d  H Nickless & D Fitzsimmons  17-13
Rink (3). S Mandelc & P Harvey  d  D Rankin & G Cupples  15-14
Rink (4). B Essex & P Knox  d  M Daley & M Mulligan   24-9
Winning Rink (3). S Mandelc. P Harvey.
The resting toucher went to D Fitzsimmons and the competition winner was I Heppell.
Thursday 1st June Women’s social bowls:
    Still several players away at Maclean WBC but enough at home for three rinks of Triples, one incorporating a swinging lead . The weather, quite cool to begin with, proved delightful as the morning wore on and President Janet, back at the helm as C/O  soon had the ladies out on the Green. There was a bit of huddling into their jackets at first though these were fairly quickly dispensed with. A lovely morning which resulted in the following:
  Rink 2). E Casson (Swinging lead), M Sales & G Cupples  d  E Casson (SL), D Fitzsimmons & R Hodge  18-13
 Rink (3). B Essex, P Knox & J Kowal  d  H Nickless, B Ford & D McLachlan  26-18
 Rink (3). I Gough, J Pholi & M Andrew  d  D Rankin, M Moran & A Bunn  18-14
Winning Rink (2). E Cassons. M Sales. G Cupples.
The resting toucher went to Helen Nickless and the competition prize to Gail Cupples.
  It was good to hear that all our hospitalised ladies are now back home and recuperatring, Joan Gebetsberger, Bobby Robinson and May Ford. I understand the staff were threatening to rename that ward the SGBWC wing there for a while. Jokes aside get well soon the three of you and get back to the club, we miss you. Congratulations and good luck to our team of players Pam, Heather and Candy in the upcoming Triples and finally our annual Versatility Fives tournament is up next week. We look forward to welcoming players from our sister clubs. See you all there girls


 After a highly successful Battle of the Sexes on the preceding Sunday it was back to Social bowls this Tuesday. What a great day it was on Sunday though and yes ! ! best of all ; we beat the guys. Pretty convincingly too eh girls. So good. Well enough of that and back to this week’s results.
Tuesday 23rd May: Four social rinks in use today, one of these was a Pairs game and the other three Triples, one incorporating a Swinging lead. Alongside the social games two further rounds of Club Championship Pairs were played out with the Umpire over seeing these matches, President Janet Kowal & the C/O , Vice President Noelle Graham. The results of all six matches being :
Club Championship Pairs rounds: And two hard fought games saw the lead swing backwards and forwards, with Candy Nixon and Gwen Ryan’s teams eventually carrying the day. 
Rink (3). A Bunn & C Nixon  d  M Sales & M Andrew 17-15
Rink (4). S Robinson & G Ryan  d  E McKew & J Axon  19-18
Social bowls:
Rink (1). J Pholi, P Knox & G Cupples  d  L Graham, M Williams & M King  21-16
Rink (2). B Essex (Swinging Lead), M Moran & D McLachlan  d  B Essex (SL), N Graham & J Kowal  20-11
Rink (5) D Allison & H Nichols  d  P Harvey & B Ford  17-11
Rink (6). S Rankin, S Mandelc & D Fitzsimmons  d  V Holroyd, M Daley & M Mulligan  26-13
Winning Rink (1). J Pholi. P Knox. G Cupples.
Lucky team: E McKew. J Axon.
Competition winners: M Moran. N Graham.
The Resting toucher went to Gail Cupples.
A General meeting was held at 1.30 and a minutes silence was held as a mark of respect for Joyce McLennan ex Women’s club member, Ivan Smidt, ex Men’s club member and for Neville Lollback, son of SGWBC Vice President Pam Lollback . All of whom passed away over the past fortnight. Our sympathies are with the families at this sad time.
Thursday 25th May and once again four games of social bowlers lined up beside two rinks of Championship Club Pairs rounds. The Umpire this time was Enid McKew and the C/O was President Janet. The social games included two Triples matches, one with a swinging lead and two of Pairs. It was our pleasure to welcome R Herbert from the Central coast to join us in a game and all results were as follows:
Championship Cub Pairs Rounds and these matches are just getting better and better. No matter the final scores there were no free rides here today with each victory hard won,
 Rink (3). P Knox & S Austen  d  S Robinson & G Ryan  18-16
Rink (4). A Bunn & C Nixon  d  B Ford & H Nichols  21-5
Social bowls :
Rink (1). M Sales & R Herbert  d  M King & J Axon  26-10
Rink (2). E Casson, L Perrett & D McLachlan  d  B Essex, D Rankin & E McKew  28-16
Rink (5). A Milligan (Swinging Lead), N Graham & I Heppell  d  A Milligan (SL), V Holroyd & G Cupples 27-8
Rink (6). D Fitzsimmons & J Kowal  d  I Gough & M Andrew  11-9
Winning Rink (2). E Casson. L Perrett. D McLachlan.
Lucky team B Ford. H Nichols.
There were no resting touchers and the competition prizes went to G Cupples and M Sales.
Congratulations to Jen Axon who won the CRDWBA Singles championship. Well done Jen against some pretty stiff competition and good luck at the Regionals. Good luck also to all of our ladies competing in the CRDWBA Triples at Maclean this week and thinking of you messages to Joan Gebetsberger and May Ford who have undergone surgery in the past week.